Anthony Peruso

Full-Stack Engineer

North Jersey based Full-Stack Web Developer with 8+ years of experience. I love technology of all sorts and the ability to be creative & problem solve each and every day is one of those thrills that sometime cannot be explained. Addicted to learning new things and pushing the boundaries with new technology, I am a determined developer that doesn’t let a task of any size deter me. When i’m not in front of a computer, I enjoy playing sports with my wife & son and taking my dogs Cooper & Bailey on hikes and playing as many sports as possible to stay active.

Programming/Software Experience

Headless CMS Architecture
Strapi CMS
Tailwind CSS
Jest Unit Testing
AWS/Digital Ocean
Core Web Vitals
Site Speed Optimization
Google Analytics/GA4



Fully headless architectural site using Nuxt/Vue for the Front-End framework, Strapi CMS for the API content, and finally using Shopify’s Storefront GraphQL API to handle all of the e-commerce functionality to create a seamless experience.

Application/Website was a complete rebrand from the ground up and focused on site speed, conversion optimization and enhancing the overall user experience when completing purchases.

Video Panorama Player

This was an extremely fun package to build for the Next Level Video team. The NLV team offers sport video footage with self recording cameras that record games with multiple lenses at a wide angle. The issue was that in some scenarios they needed to allow customers to watch the wide angle footage and also record clips directly in the browser of the panoramic version of the video.

What I crafted up for them is a simple Vue instance that uses the Fabric.js package to handle moving around a video file inside of a restricted HTML Canvas, and then leveraging the Media Recorder browser API, customers can now zoom, drag the video around inside of the video player and then record up 60 second clips, all in real time.

Because the NLV website is not a Single Page Application, I needed to use Vue in such a way that they could simply drop the CDN link for Vue and Fabric and simply place the end result code into any page they needed.

Magic Mirror

Magic Mirrors are a craze that I have been attached to lately. Who doesn’t get intrigued by them? I had been looking at so many different DIY projects to make them but always noticed one huge thing about them that people just didn’t really care about, interacting with it! So I figured I will just make my own. So I did, and wrote my own Spotify integration on it using the Spotify API.

  • Spotify Web Playback SDK & Web API
    • Web Playback allows for the Raspberry Pi to show up as an option to play the music through it
    • Web API handles all of the authentication tokens as well as letting me use certain API endpoints such as the search functionality and using the play, pause, next, and previous controls
  • VueJS for the front-end
  • Node.js using Express on the server side so I can use the Web API
  • All of this is bundled into a production single page application in Vue (I am working on converting this into an Electron app)
  • 32″ TV, Infrared Touch Frame, Raspberry PI for the hardware.

NLV Media Convert

Developed a useful internal tool for the team at Next Level Video using Vue for the Single Page App, Express for the API server, and ultimately using AWS’ Media Transcoding Service API.

The tool dynamically scans the NLV AWS accounts’ S3 buckets and allows them to pick a group of video files and then choose an output destination anywhere in there S3 account for the AWS Transcoding API to compress the files together and optimize footage.

The tool was extremely successful in optimizing internal processes where NLV could now process tournament game footage in just a couple of hours, when it used to take up to 5 days to process one tournament manually on their own computers.

React Flix

Simple React app that consumes The Movie Database API. Uses the Material UI component library for React. Axios HTTP package is whats used for the AJAX calls. Movie/TV posters when clicked, will play a YouTube trailer if one exists.

Peruso Scoreboard

Simple Vue app that consumes ESPN’s free score API. Currently only supports the 4 largest American Pro sport leagues: MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL. In progress games will show a green progress bar on the card tile.

Urbane Development

Full website build with Mailchimp email capture integration and custom animations and AJAX filtering, built in Apostrophe CMS.

Franklin & Marshall International

Multi-lingual site built in Apostrophe CMS. Used for prospective student in English, Spanish and Chinese languages.

Pennsylvania Muscle Institute & Department of Physiology

Two website builds using same codebase using Apostrophe CMS. Both websites are identical styles, just separate content.

Workers United

Full website build using Apostrophe CMS and custom CSS animations.


Built out custom entrance animations using CSS3. Animations consisted of loading graphics, CSS3 Transforms and using animation delays to get all elements in perfect sequence.

HOW Property Management

Custom plugin development to integrate with the RentCafé Property API. Plugin runs a CRON Job every night and pulls in most recent property listings, saving the updated information in Custom Post Types for properties for displaying on page. Also built out custom property search that includes custom Google Map Markers as well as custom filtering.

Park Power​

Built out custom functionality for users to enter in their residential postal code, using the zip code, we search the site database to find all energy companies within that given zip code’s radius and display all possible plans and which energy companies are options to choose from.

Kramer Beverage

Crafted a custom beer finder solution using the Untappd Business API to build out a custom filtering system which displays all of the Beers that Kramer Beverage offers. The Untappd integration I created runs a nightly import of all beverages offered and stores in the sites database. Additional functionality is an option to manually start an import.

Deployed Resources​

Created custom entrance animations and other additional animations such as hover effects, gallery sliders, etc. Built a completely custom image slider which showcases the related product categories for each product Deployed Resources offers.

United Drilling​

Custom developed entire site from scratch using Advanced Custom Fields in WordPress and custom WordPress theme. Created many different hover animations and site architecture including product categorization and related products.

NetNation Lacrosse

Custom site development, focusing on driving new camp registrations to all of their year round camp offerings. Pieces built are Custom Post Types for Camp offerings as well as the entire coaching staff.

Next Level Video

Crafted advanced event search directly on home page. Users now have ability to search directly for a sporting event related to them based on sport, season, date, gender, or even a general keyword search.